Saturday, June 23

Jun 23: Genesis 50

Today we’re reading Genesis chapter 50 together.
  1. We read about how people grieved the death of Joseph’s father, Israel. Even the Egyptians mourned his death. Either the Egyptians loved Joseph enough to grieve when he did or Israel was such a righteous man that they were saddened by his loss themselves; probably both.
  2. Then Joseph went to bury his father in his homeland as he promised. Pharaoh sent all the royal court with Joseph to help him and mourn with him.
  3. After Israel’s death, Joseph’s brothers feared Joseph would seek revenge for their mistreatment of him so many years ago. But Joseph clearly stated what we’ve learned; that he had forgiven his brothers and realized God used what was intended for bad to be good.
  4. We read that Joseph lived a long life and then died. Before he died Joseph asked his family to carry his bones out of Egypt whenever they leave.
Again this is a chapter where we’re reminded that God can use what we think is bad to become something good. Many times in life when we’re going through something it feels horrible but as time passes we can see how God can use that situation for good and/or teach us a valuable lesson from it. What tough times did you go through that now you can look back on a see different? What have you learned through it? Maybe you’re going through a tough time right now; trust God and you’ll see how he can turn bad into good.