Sunday, May 13

May 13: Genesis 39

Today we’re reading Genesis 39.
  1. We’re reading about Joseph again. Remember the last time we read about Joseph he was sold into slavery by his brothers and assumed dead by his father.
  2. We read about Joseph being sold as a slave to an Egyptian and Joseph did his best to serve his new master. God blessed Joseph and the whole household. Because of this Joseph was raised to the highest position in the house.
  3. His master’s wife wanted to have an affair with Joseph but Joseph refused. Joseph didn’t want to dishonor his master or God.
  4. Potiphar’s wife kept pursuing Joseph. When Joseph refused again she lied and said he had tried to take advantage of her. Why would she do something so wicked as this? We have no idea but she kept trying to cheat on her husband so clearly she didn’t have the best character. Because of her lie Joseph was thrown in jail.
  5. But even in Jail God protected Joseph and he was raised to the highest position there. 
We see that God was with Joseph and blessed him. Notice also that Joseph wasn’t having a pity party even though he had been sold into slavery by his brothers and thrown into prison! Think about it, we all go through times of feeling sorry for ourselves and what better time could Joseph had to feel sorry for himself? Instead Joseph trusted God and lived everyday doing his best and God blessed him for it. Maybe you’re going through a tough time right now yourself. Don’t sit around and sulk about it. Instead follow Joseph’s example. Trust God and keep doing your best.