Saturday, March 10

Mar 10: Genesis 20

Today we’re reading Genesis chapter 20. 
  1. In this chapter we read how Abraham didn’t trust God to protect him again. Everywhere he went he would tell people his wife was his sister. I’m sure this has been a little confusing but in this chapter we read that she was his half sister (yea, strange). 
  2. It’s interesting that God came to Abimelech in a dream and told him he was going to kill him if he didn’t return Sarah to Abraham. Notice too that God protected Abraham by telling the king that Abraham would pray for him so that God would spare him and his family.
  3. After the king returned Sarah to Abraham they also received a ton of animals and money. God did way more than just protect Abraham during this whole thing, in spite of Abraham’s lack of faith.
Do you (like most people) have a difficult time trust God? We should learn from Abraham that God can be trusted. Ask God to help you trust him more. 
Warning: When we pray for things like “more faith” or “more patience” often God gives us opportunities to exercise those areas we want to improve on. So only ask for it if you want to grow. Just thought it only fair to share that with you.