Saturday, January 28

Jan 28: Genesis 8

We’re reading Genesis chapter 8 together today. 
  1. In this chapter we read about how Noah and his family were in the boat for a long time but we see how God remembered Noah and ended the flood. 
  2. Did you notice that Noah obeyed God in every step and all along God protected and provided for Noah and his family? Even after that water had went down and Noah could see dry ground he waited for God to tell him to leave the boat. Surely, Noah was tempted to go out on his own but he waited for God’s command.
  3. As soon as Noah was safely on dry ground he took time to worship God and thank him. Then God promised to never again allow the earth to flood completely.
The account of Noah and the flood is a great lesson for us to remain in touch with God for every step in our lives. Noah is also a great example of patience and trusting God. Are you having a tough time waiting for God on something right now? Or do you have difficulty in trusting God to take care of you and your family in what you’re going through? Follow Noah’s lead, stay in constant communication with God and trust that he knows better than you do.