Friday, May 6

6 May - Romans 9

Today we move on to Romans 9 in our daily reading. And if you're doing the reading each day, way to go! And it is worth it!!  Here are some thoughts on Romans 9:
  1. This is a confusing chapter, but the basic idea is that in the Old Testament times it was the Jewish people (the descendants of Abraham, or the "people of Israel") who believed in God and were considered God's people. But now there were many Jews who weren't accepting Jesus, and many non-Jews who were, and this was throwing a lot of people into confusion.
  2. The author (Paul) makes the point that a true descendant of Abraham is someone who shares his faith, not just his bloodlines.
  3. There is also a major point made about God's "sovereignty" - that God is in charge, and He can (and will) do as He pleases. And if what happens confuses or upsets people that's just too bad, because God does as He pleases, whether people like it or not.
  4. Perhaps the most powerful idea in this chapter is the first one:  Paul declares that he would do anything to help people have Jesus in their lives and in their eternities, even give up his own salvation and spot in Heaven.
Wow. That Paul felt that way is one of the more powerful ideas in the Bible. He loved people so much he would give away his chance at Heaven for them, if he had that choice. Think about that, and think about yourself. How much do you really love others? And if you really love people, are you trying to help them find a relationship with God through Jesus? Would you do anything to help people have Jesus and Heaven? What are you doing? What could you do this week? Could you invite someone to come to Verve with you? Who?