Thursday, October 21

Just in case you were wondering. . .

Currently finishing up:

(Yes it is taking me forever)

Next together our staff is reading:

Along with like four other books Im supposed to be reading for school.

Wednesday, October 20


We have decided to put on a conference for other pastors who want to start churches who reach people far from God. Yes, we have only been going for 7 months. I know it may sound egotistical but we just really felt maybe our church could help a couple pastors reach people on the fringes of society. It's just that we think this is just that important. So honestly we talked through this for months and were thinking we would be stoked if about 10 people showed up . . . and 90 people showed up!

So, Guess we were right about people wanting to learn about reaching hurting people with the message of a loving God. So that's what I've been up to the last couple months and where I've been the last two days.

I'm stoked about being a part of something where we start giving back to others right out the gate. And if we do this again (as I suspect we will) and you want to have a culture in your church where people who are far from God or even hate God will feel comfortable then you should definitely come out and spend a few days with us! :)

Verve Stories

In case you are curious, we started a blog about the stories of life change here at Verve. So if you want to check it out here's the link.

btw the video of Warren before is an example of the stories on the blog. (Yes that was a teaser and if that doesn't make you want to read more then I don't know if we can still be friends. Just kidding . . . kinda :) )

Tuesday, October 5

Why I do what I do

I Want A Movie Life - Warren's Journey from Verve on Vimeo.

Altman Family Vacation

So after SerVegas we had a couple friends who were generous enough to give us money to take a family vacation. We could not have done it without them (so thanks guys!). We decided to go to California. This was our first real family vacation and it was very needed. We did a lot so I will summarize in bullet form with a couple photos.

- Day 1- we just drove in and stayed at a hotel we thought was going to look like a castle. In the end it was a run down piece but it was right across the street from Disneyland (see day 4).

- Day 2 - Hollywood and Beverly Hills

- Day 3 - Lego Land

-Day 4 - Disneyland