Thursday, September 30

SerVegas Day 2010!

SerVegas was a day we planned to serve our community and make Las Vegas an even better place to live. We had this idea to serve those who serve. We wanted to serve those organizations who were here before us and already doing such a great job serving people in Vegas. The hope is that by serving them we enable them to serve people better. At Verve we do not want to be a people who is only about our agenda. We want to be about God's agendas and his is always showing people his love. We planned multiple projects at various non-profits all over the city and sent our teams out to serve them. We served Family Promise, Street Teens, Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, St. Vincent's Thrift Store, Shade Tree, Neon Reverb, and a free Car Wash. Then we threw a after party that was off the chain. We bought in a comedian from a show on the Strip and a live local band (Buster Blue) and had the whole thing catered. It was a great time. 

Months of planning went into this and I had the privilege to work with a great team to pull it off. The crazy thing is we pulled it off for under $500 thanks to the hard work of the team getting many other companies and organizations to donate money and services to The Verve Foundation for SerVegas.

Below are just a couple pics of the day:

So that was SerVegas in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Saturday, September 4

Ironman at the Harley shop in Vegas!

Friday, September 3

Mommy had a great idea for Family day, a picnic!