Tuesday, April 27

Christian Wrestling Federation- yes it IS for real!

Ok I just could not help myself. I HAD to post this! I know it makes me mean, bad, or something like that but WHATEVER!!!


Check this craziness out. 

If you EVER see me in spandex with Jesus printed in on my butt PLEASE punch me in the face!! Matter of fact I give you permission to shoot me, literally, yes this can be admitted into court (i think)!

I have a perhaps fresh take on his chronic back pain and chiropractor visits, lose about 40 pounds! and maybe you're back won't hurt so much silly wrestling guy!

aaand before I get all the hate mail telling me I shouldn't throw stones at things people are doing for God and tossing his "stats" of "about 10% accept Jesus at each event" let me very clearly articulate my frustration here. . .

1. I HATE when people tag the name of Jesus to something in order to make money or create some platform in order to promote themselves. - this does not include people who are genuinely doing ministry or writing books out there who are trying to clarify the person of Jesus to people so that they can accept him but clearly this guy is (the stage name "Jesus Freak" says it all). --- I was waiting for the little red guy with horns and a pitch fork to come running into the ring and get beat up by all the Super Christian Wrestling Heros.

2. I HATE when people try to manipulate people (especially impressionable children) into saying some sequence of words and saying BINGO! You're SAVED!!!  - umm . . . I do not see that practiced by Jesus or ANY of his disciples in the Bible.

3. I HATE seeing sweaty fat guys in tight spandex. Perhaps if they were skinny or not sweaty but the combination just does not work for me . . . that was supposed to be funny so if you're not laughing then you should never read my blog again because I will only offend you more in the future.

4. Finally, this is just stupid (and yes I know we are not supposed to say stupid, my oldest son, Brodie, frequently points this out to me). You have these guys -who clearly could NOT make it in "real" fake wrestling- punching, kicking and jumping off the top ropes onto each others heads and then trying to tie all this into Jesus. AAAAANNDD he compares his "pain" to that of which Jesus endured on the cross! Ugh! Barf! (and any and every other puking and disgusting sound you can insert here)

SOOO you may be asking yourself do I like these guys? 

Sure for a laugh. Not so much for methodology in reaching people far from God with the message of love and hope that Jesus provided for us.

Could these guys be genuine in their desires to reach people with the message of Jesus? Sure but i seriously doubt anyone there was not a regular attender in church of some fashion. So to me it seems to be more of a gimmick to find a niche in the church world.

Maybe one day I will change my mind and join the CWF, umm doubt that very seriously. I think Krystal will firmly draw the line at spandex for me. :)

BTW my email is altman0308@yahoo.com for those of you who STILL insist on sending me hate mail. (I wanted to save you the effort of trying to search out my email so you could at least say thanks for that in your email)

Monday, April 26

What's up?

Have you been wondering about what has been going on in my life, and I am assuming to some degree you have since you are reading this post or it's just a super slow "news" day on Facebook. Well that picture above pretty much sums it up.

I have been flying back and forth every other week or so for the month of April to get us a house to rent and get our stuff moved into it out in Vegas. So, I guess I could attach another picture of moving boxes and schoolbooks (I am trying to wrap up schoolwork too in order to graduate May 8) but that's just way too much work.

I am glad to say that all out stuff is pretty much there, more or less. Our moving truck had a leak apparently because a lot of our stuff has water damage and I have been working on getting that claim filed with the insurance as well. Yes, that is as much fun as it sounds.

So Krystal, Brodie, Tristan, Sugar (our dog) and I fly out on May 10th to Vegas. And yes our dog is flying with us. No not in a seat, although that would be significantly cheaper than cargo (which I find very odd). So bye for now and I'll give you some updates as time allows.