Tuesday, March 30

Multimedia message

Today is moving day! Preparing for this day is what has kept me from posting. It's exciting, stressful, and tiring. But mostly just tiring. So once all is wrapped up I'll hit up some more posts hopefully. Say a prayer for us if you think about it.

Friday, March 12

You are NOT typical!

I was listening to “Typical” (a song my Mute Math - side note: I love that name for a band) and the lyric struck me like a freight train. 
“come on can i dream for one day
theres nothing that cant be done
but how long should it take somebody
before they can be someone
cuz i know theres got to be another level
somewhere closer to the other side
and i’m feeling like its now or never
can i break the spell of the typical.”
This is my heart beat for people who live today. It consumes my thoughts, almost in a debilitating may if I really sit still and let in sink in and consume me. 
 I must dream, WE must dream and if we do there is nothing that cant be done. It shouldn’t take someone forever to be someone, or worse yet to NEVER become someone. Im not talking about fame or fortune but rather to know that you have intrinsic value far beyond what you could imagine. Knowing this will help you to see yourself different, others different, your problems seem smaller and more manageable, life is just better. BUT we can not find that in or through anyone here on Earth. It is only in truly knowing Jesus and following him.
People need hope in their lives. We need a community of people to do life with. This is what Jesus created this beautiful thing called church for and we have turned it into a monster to control and manipulate people. Jesus loves us and calls us to a life of freedom, a life fully alive. It is a life “closer to the other side” and it is now or never. We must make this decision here while we are breathing or we never get a second chance. BUT IT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOU DIE THAT MAKES THIS SO CRITICAL! It is here and now. Man Krystal and I have gone through some crazy painful experiences this last year and we know we have a lot more to come in the near future leaving our families and friends and moving across the country to start this church but this life fully alive we have in Jesus makes it so much more bearable and even enjoyable in a strange push and pull kind of way.
Please know there is more in life than the “Typical.” You were meant for something so much more! You have tremendous potential bottled up inside each of you and it is struggling to burst free. Embrace the love and acceptance of the only God who loves you unconditionally and experience it!
This is what wrecks Krystal’s and my heart daily for ourselves and everyone we know.

We were not made to be typical!

Tuesday, March 2

Fully Alive?

So Krystal and I went out for her birthday with some friends to a “Cancer Sucks” party (which is an awesome title for a cancer fundraiser by the way) and I was sitting across the table from a young dude I’ve known for some time and he made a comment to another friend about how he used to go to church then go out to the bars afterwards. She commented something to the effect of “so you were praying for the sins you were about to commit?” I think he said something like he did not see drinking as a sin, which yes I would have to agree but that is an entirely different post (and actually as I am writing this I am glad I turned comments off LOL). It made me think about some things and I thought I would share them with you, since I perceive you as my captive audience although you choose to read this and have the freedom to leave at anytime. . . sorry I digress (I told you it’s awfully crowded and confusing up here in my head at times).
My thought is this. . . We screw this religion thing up SO MUCH!!! I know isn’t that so encouraging? Well maybe not to folks who go to church all the time but to people who don’t I think it should be. People who claim to follow Jesus or at least do so by default by going to church and saying they are Christians, rarely have the right purpose behind it all. Most people attend church because they think they have to, like Jesus is up in heaven taking attendance. Then the ones who really have it “right” come to church to kind of celebrate that they are “saved” from hell and going to heaven when they die. Jesus did not come to live, suffer, die and rise from the dead to only give us eternal citizenship into the sweetest country club ever. I will let that sink in for a second (and let the indignation of some build, just because it’s fun for me honestly).
Yes if we choose to accept what Jesus did for us on the cross as a payment for our wrongs and ask him for forgiveness he does forgive us and then of course we are then given citizenship in heaven whenever we die. Great stuff right?!?!? Well yea but what about now? I mean what about day to day here and all the crap and pain we see and deal with everyday here on earth? That’s where it gets good I think.
Choosing to have a life that is characterized by following Jesus gives us life to the fullest NOW! Yep heaven too but life now. This is extremely important to me (you too if you would just realize it). Sure I want to go to heaven after I die but I need help everyday now even more. Without Jesus in my life I have no idea how I would have gotten through this past year. 
Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. . . I am the resurrection and the life. . . I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.” 
This is what my friend and so many other church attenders are missing out on. Life with Jesus is not about rules to follow but rather life to be lived! Are there things Jesus told us to stay away from or do that would be healthy for us? Yes but they are for life now and not life after death. Jesus wants us to live life to the fullest. This truth is indicated by his saying that he came so that we might have life to the fullest. Which without him the opposite is true. If you do not have Jesus in your life it must not be truly full. There must be something missing without him. 
So do you live life and have it to the fullest? If not why not? 
Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30 (The Message)
"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."
I have this tattooed on my arm (yes we can talk about tattoos later if we must) because I want constantly remember this truth. In Jesus we get to live life freely and lightly that is unforced and fully alive.