Saturday, December 12

Great Time Tonight

Krystal and I had the great opportunity to meet with Nate and Tricia Lawrenson tonight. Krystal and Tricia took the boys to the play area at Greenbrier Mall (which I have to say is a bit rougher than when I went there growing up). Nate and I stayed at Starbucks talking, which I found out later from Tricia that he doesn't even like coffee. Thanks Nate, I was wondering why in the world you were not drinking coffee. lol At any rate, we had a great time (and I had great Starbucks, it was no Front Porch Cafe but it was good). Nate has a ton of wisdom to share about taking care of your family. If you follow his blog you know that is true and if not you should definitely check it out. CF Husband  And Tricia is really sweet. It's cool when you meet a couple and you and your spouse like both of them as well. Come on, you can be honest most of the time the two wives love it and the guys are talking small talk like weather or brake pads for the car or vice versa.

So next week I'm down in Nags Head for work and Krystal and the boys are coming down for a couple days sometime. Nate and Tricia extended the invite to get together next week so I am looking forward to that and meeting Gweneth (their little girl, again see their blog it's a great story).

Friday, December 11

LOVE 146

Ok so I know I said I would not be posting in December, you know taking a break and all, but I just could not NOT write about this. I was doing some "research" for school (which means I got side tracked surfing the internet, yes I have been diagnosed with ADD so I will use that as the excuse this time lol) and I came across the website We Are Overlooked and it was sad and touching but there was a link there that really did me in. LOVE 146 . Read the tab "lovestory" where they talk about where they got their name from. To put it plainly it ripped my heart out.

seriously go read it and then come back to see the rest of my rant. . .

I just do not understand the depravity of it all.

I hurt for the people who are so numb to life that they can sink so far but I hurt most for the child who has had her innocence stolen from her. I was left with such a sick feeling in my stomach for them. Something must be done. I have not figured out what but I know if we do not make our families and friends aware of this horrible pain nothing will ever be done.