Saturday, May 30

Hot sign was on!

krispy kreme

mmmm. took the fam out to get some hot Krispy Kreme donuts, right off the line (of course it was my idea and not my pregnant wife's. LOL) Brodie loved it obviously.

Thursday, May 28

big brutha

new tool belt

Brodie's new tool belt and gloves. aaaand his big brother shirt! BTW we found out Brodie is gonna have lil brother too. (that means we are having another boy for those of you who didnt get that lol)

Tuesday, May 26

just more work... nice

Well "we" decided to plant a garden. lol I tilled it up and now gotta plant some veggies tom hopefully. i'll put a pic up wen its done.

Wednesday, May 20

guess where im goin...

Guess where I am taking my lovely wife tonight? . . .

Give up yet? lol Yep the Coldplay Concert. Don't worry I'll twitter and tell you that it's awesome and you should go jump out your window for not being there.
Viva la Vida huh? . . . maybe they will come play at VIVA LA VERVE in Vegas! lol

Saturday, May 16

my first boost! lol

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Wednesday, May 13

group or not to group? that is the question

I have a question for everone. Do you like small groups? Do you think they are effective in discipleship? evangelism? fellowship? I have had this idea rolling around in my mind for a couple months now (thanks Vince Antonucci and Gary Lamb) and I wanted to open it up for discussion on here. I know most of the time I talk about stupid stuff or rant a little but I would like some feedback from you guys. ALL answers are cool (other than F-you's . . . that's not cool). If you guys follow Vince's blog you will remember this talked about a long ways back but I'd like to open it up for discussion here.

What bought it up in my mind again is in reading for my American Church History class I learned small groups originated in this country under John Wesley 250 years ago during the Methodist revival. Now that got me thinking. What else are we using today that was started 250 years ago? anything?

Well please let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, May 12

Sasquatch surfs?!?!?!?!

Last night I was on a date with my hottie wife and guess what we found out???

Sasquatch is real! . . . and HE SURFS!!! . . . and he was in the Vans store at MacArthur Mall in Norfolk, VA last night! WOW so much has been revealed about this awesome creature in just one night. I gotta call National Geographic and call a press conference!

it looks crazy real doesn't it?

maybe i should of put him in my freezer at home and called that press conference (if you dont know what im talking about u havent kept up on ur sasquatch sightings news very well in the past year!)

ever felt like you were in thte wrong fam????

Have you ever gotten the feeling like you are in the wrong family? Like there is something seriously different about you that separates you from everyone else? Well maybe you are. See this link .

Most likely you're not but maybe . . . more than likely your just weird.

I get this feeling but not with my family, more like with all the rest of the world. I often feel like i must be some kind of alien (which probably is not so far from the truth theologically speaking but that's another post). and I don't think much of my family would argue this point either lol.

hmmm . . . and after watching Star Trek I would be even more convinced (if I actually believed in real aliens, but sorry I don't.)

Well, hope this clears up some of your confusion that you have been growing up with your whole life. THAT's what I'm here for, to answer all of life's tough questions (I just can not confirm that they are totally true, or even sane for that matter.)

Monday, May 11

Slip and slide

pulled out the slip and slide. Brodie went quickly from this. . . 


The fam

This is the fam shot after Christian's graduation (from Liberty University with his MBA). 

Brodie is actually saying "cheese" but it looks like he is about to cry. lol

Tuesday, May 5

raining in Nags Head today.

I'm sitting here on a leather sofa in what I would call the Penthouse suite of the Oasis Suites in Nags Head, (which if you come to Nags Head for vacation is a really nice place to stay at) and I am looking out of the 13 windows in this room at the down pour outside and I am reminded of how insanely creative God is. He could have used any means to hydrate the earth but chose to do it in numerous different ways just for fun and for our benefit I think. Now before you guys get all sorry feeling for me (yeah right) I am down here for work but it's raining so I can't work. So instead I am writing a paper on the book of Habakkuk (that's in the Old Testament in the middle of all those little books, we call the prophets, before the book of Matthew.) I am surrounded by no less 20 books and commentaries but it is a really good study.

Anyhow, this place is nice but doesn't hold a candle to what God is doing outside. Perhaps one day soon I will write a little of what I learned from the book of Habakkuk if you guys are interested (or even if you're not and I feel like it since it is my blog lol.)

Sunday, May 3

my son is wired for

my son is wired for brand recognition already. went by tropical smoothie and he says i want a milk shake.

Saturday, May 2

I prayed in America's first church! seriously

The oldest church in our country. It actually is the first church building in the "New World." (Now these guys could certainly call themselves the "first" baptist church LOL) I definitely was not planning on "finding" this church when I went to Jamestown to "help" in an archaeological dig for school but there it was. I asked about the church and found out it was the first ever built in America and the tower is still from the original construction(it is on the back side of this picture.) There is a knight that is buried underneath the pulpit area. I couldn't help but think about how insane this all was and how awesome God is to work little stuff like this out for me.I went inside and sat on the first pew and thought about the significance of it all, here were some of my thoughts:

Here I am sitting on the front row in the first church ever built in our country. I am praying to the same God who they prayed to when they built this place and I am praying for a church we are going to help establish on the Las Vegas Strip, something that has not been done like we are going to do it. It is kinda surreal.

Well, there is one of the numerous little ways God shows himself to me at times. Don't know if you guys think its cool but I do.

Friday, May 1


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