Wednesday, April 22

we need more DISCO PIRATES!!!!

Ok Craig Groeschel was a great speaker. He spoke some great truths and visions into me today. I went to two of his tracks (by ditching the schedule I was supposed to be on... I'm a disco pirate what can I say?)

Here is some great stuff he said today that I think we would all do well to listen to.

- we do not need churches to be planted that conform to the pattern of the American church.

- we need to start movements!

but what we need to understand is that a movement is never going to be safe, predictable or clean. Our faith must become dangerous again!

So in the words of the famous Darkwing Duck "Let's get dangerous!"

Many churches and Christians have settled for safe. In doing so we inevitably invite people to come to God for a "safer" life rather than to come to him for life change.

Let me clarify some common misunderstandings for any of you right now if you are exploring my Jesus and deciding if you want to give your life to him. Choosing to follow Christ you are setting out on a dangerous path. If your "Christian life" is safe and comfy then perhaps you are not living the life God has called you to. God calls us to a dangerous life so that we lean wholly on him in life. If you want a "safe" life, a life that is with less spiritual battle and less emotional stress then perhaps you should really consider if you are ready to follow Christ. If the answer is no then ask Jesus to help you get there. I am confident he will. I do not say this to run you away from Jesus. If you are just looking for an excuse anyway then fine I gave you one (I doubt you would have let him change your life anyway.) I just want to put all the cards on the table for you upfront.

So what's the point?