Sunday, April 26

Here's your test!

Ok. So see the building to the left? What would you expect to find in it?

First look, I'd say a bank or gov't building, right?

Let me give you some hints...

the businesses that neighbor it are a couple cigar shops, the Blue Devil Tattoo shop, Coyote Ugly saloon, a pirate bar (I guess it's a costume contest every night) and I think an oyster bar too. (oh yeah and the bum who jut woke up in the red blanket)

any guesses? If you are Paul Wirth you see a church! Yep, Relevant Church ( )

It's located on --------------7th Ave----------------->

In Ybor City (Tampa, Fl).

I got to tell you this church's location is off the chain. If I could pick a dream location that fits my personality and interests this is it. Tattoo shops, Cigar shops (where they actually hand roll them in front of you), bars and night clubs. This place is so perfect for a church. I know a lot of people think that is just insane but I think not. Only thing they are missing are some hookers, that's why we are going to Vegas. Wait... that sounded weird. Oh well, if I have to explain it you wouldn't get it anyway.

Way to go Paul and Susie. Relevant is exactly the kind of church being started in exactly the type of place that I think honors God. I am so proud of you guys and can not wait to see what God will do through you and your staff in the coming days. God has great plans for you guys.